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Air Duct Cleaning in Port Orange, FL and the Surrounding Areas

For professional air duct cleaning services, there is no better company to call than the cleaning pros of Victory Lane Carpet & Tile Cleaning.

We care so much about the overall indoor air quality of your home, and we want to make sure that you are living in a clean and healthy environment. We highly recommend calling our professional team for your air duct cleaning needs.

The air duct plays an important role in your HVAC system. It distributes the air around your property. If these air ducts are dirty, they can get damaged over time. More importantly, the indoor air quality within your property gets dirty and unhealthy, too.

In addition, your HVAC system will not be as efficient and effective in distributing cool or warm air around your home when the air duct is not in perfect condition.

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When Should I Call For Air Duct Cleaning Services?

Since air ducts are hidden behind walls or above ceilings and cannot be normally seen, many property owners take them for granted and leave them without cleaning for years and even decades.

While you are not necessarily required to clean air ducts yearly, there are some signs you should watch out for when deciding if it is time for a cleaning job.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, consider having your air ducts cleaned if you encounter any of these citations:


There is visible mold growth on the inside hard surface of the air ducts and other components of your HVAC system


The air ducts are infested by critters such as rodents and insects


The air ducts have plenty of dust, debris, and other particles in excessive amounts