Steam Away That Built-Up Dirt

Look to us for residential carpet cleaning services
in Port Orange, Ormond Beach or New Smyrna Beach, FL

Carpeting can make your home feel cozy and comfortable - but it's also a pain to clean. Luckily, our pros can remove tough stains caused by pets, spills and everyday foot traffic. You can depend on us for residential carpet cleaning services in Port Orange, Ormond Beach, & New Smyrna Beach, FL and the surrounding area.

Want to refresh and restore your carpet? Steam cleaning services are just a phone call away. Call Victory Lane Carpet & Tile Cleaning now to schedule a visit from our professional carpet cleaner. We can clean any kind of carpet except viscose.

Deep clean your carpet

Deep clean your carpet

If you want a fresh, clean carpet, steam cleaning is the way to go. Steam cleaning is a safe way to remove visible stains and dirt, and it can also:

  • Eliminate odors
  • Prevent mold
  • Get rid of dust mites
  • Eliminate pet dander

Our process is:

  • Vacuum thoroughly
  • Apply solution at a 4:1 ratio
  • CRB agitation (counter rotating brush)
  • Hot water extraction at 180 degrees
  • Conway Devistator carpet wand OR Rotovac 360i 

Keep your home fresh, clean and allergen-free by hiring us to steam clean your carpets. If you'd like to learn more about our residential carpet cleaning services, contact us now.

Our carpet steam cleaning team is a step above the rest

When you schedule residential carpet cleaning services, you should be confident about the team you're hiring. You'll feel good about working with Victory Lane Carpet & Tile Cleaning because:

  • We've been serving the area for more than five years
  • We'll bring almost 10 years of experience to the table
  • We have videos so you can see our crew in action
To see videos of us providing expert carpet steam cleaning services in local homes and businesses, go to the Gallery page right away.

Extract buildup with hot water

Extract buildup with hot water

Some stains seem to sink into your carpet and never budge, even when you use harsh cleaning products. Luckily, our carpet steam cleaning team can use hot water to release grime from any carpet except for a viscose carpet. Get rid of buildup on your carpet by scheduling residential carpet cleaning services today.